Interior Architects

The interior designer makes the interior functional, safe and beautiful by determining the space requirements and choosing decorative elements such as color and lighting. Makes interior design, functional and aesthetic arrangement of buildings.

Interior with aesthetic appeal and making the most of the available space; In charge of designing the spaces; The responsibilities of architects are as follows;

  • Determining the client's goals and the needs of the project,
  • Planning how the space will be used,
  • Drawing design plans, including electrical schemes,
  • Specifying materials such as lighting, wall cladding, flooring and plumbing fixtures,
  • Producing sketches, drawings and floor plans to present projects using computer aided design programs and hand drawing skills,
  • Iç creating a timeline for the design project,
  • Determine the budget of the project, including materials and labor,
  • Performing on-site observation and making suggestions to help facilitate ongoing design projects,
  • Communicating with the customer after the project to ensure that the customer is satisfied,
  • Working in collaboration with a variety of colleagues, including architects, contractors, painters, tilers and civil engineers,
  • Following sectoral innovations closely.
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