Business Processes

Marble Model Selection

Here are the products we made using 1st class materials in the marble and model you want. We aim to provide you with our best products and the best service in the process from the beginning to the assembly for the products you choose.

Business Planning

After your product and model selection, we adjust the business planning and construction processes for the product you choose. This is how we work as Efes Marble, so that the work is better quality and better and faster.


For products that pass our advanced tests successfully, the packaging and packaging process begins. After the packaging process is completed, it is loaded onto trucks or related vehicles to deliver according to the desired location and region.


After the work processes are finished, the product is assembled and tested. If it passes the testing process, it means it is ready to be packaged and shipped for you, but if it is not ready, it is sent back to our workshop to solve the problem.

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