The contractor coordinates the entire construction process of the construction from start to finish. Recruits all necessary employees for the project. Oversees the timely planning and execution of audits.

The word contractor, which is of Arabic origin; “undertaker, undertaker” means and indicates the scope of duty of the contractor. The responsibilities of the contractors, who undertake the entire construction process of the building, such as determining the construction site, creating a budget, and managing the recruitment process, are as follows;

  • To plan all phases of a construction project from start to finish,
  • Calculating the cost of materials, labor, machinery and other expenses in order to create the quotation,
  • Reducing costs and maximizing efficiency,
  • Creating a project calendar to present to customers,
  • Working with other professionals such as architects or engineers,
  • Inspecting the project's compliance with laws and regulations,
  • To ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget,
  • To ensure job security,
  • Monitoring job performance,
  • Ensuring timely and appropriate maintenance of equipment and tools
  • To provide intervention in emergencies,
  • Preparing offers for potential customers,
  • Getting necessary legal permissions,
  • Contacting customers to discuss the project and schedule follow-up meetings.
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