What Should We Pay Attention To When Using Marble Kitchen Countertops?

If you have a large living room, you may need to make an effort to harmonize each piece of furniture together. You can make large areas functional by creating various activity zones in the room. For example, you can evaluate a few of the options such as TV watching area, coffee drinking corner, reading corner and playground.

Marble stylish display; It is a natural stone that is frequently preferred in our living spaces because it is easy to clean and easy to clean. Its own uniqueness Features and stylish appearance Sometimes it represents nobility and sometimes wealth. Internal and the use of marbles, which are indispensable for outdoor spaces, can be listed as follows;

Home, office, hospital, hotel, restaurant, cafe, in short, all kinds of; in exterior cladding in buildings,
in building entrances, halls, stairs and balconies,
interior in architecture; and outdoor decorations,
Table and coffee table construction,
Window edge, heater honeycomb, balcony rail,
various accessories and objects,
Sink and It is used as a floor covering in kitchen counters, bathrooms and toilets.

How is Marble Cleaning and Hygiene Provided?

Marble is preferred not only for its stylish appearance, but also for its practical and easy-to-clean feature. Extremely easy to clean. Almost all types It is possible to provide cleaning and hygiene by using surface cleaning materials. Marble stairs and balconies are washed and rinsed with acid-free detergent water. Today, marble is also widely used in our kitchens. It has become common in our kitchens to be used as countertops. It is also seen that it is used instead of tiles. Marble with many color options is optionally used as a decoration integrator.

What are the Foods That Leave Stains on Marble Countertops?

Marble is preferred and used fondly because of its elegant and noble appearance. It is a very special image, especially on kitchen counters. The use of marble exhibits is comfortable as well as requires attention. With the attention and care to be taken when using marble countertops, both the usage life and the usage life; will extend and its brightness will continue for a longer time. Those who have marble counters know very well. It leaves stains or marks when an excessively hot pot or teapot is placed on the counter. Some foods also leave stains or marks on the marble countertop. Especially the citrus type with high acidity rate; When food comes into direct contact with the marble, it can not only stain but also cause corrosion. Moon, coffee, acidic beverages, lemon, orange, grapefruit and fatty foods should not be placed directly on the marble countertop.

How to remove the stains formed on the marble countertop? The question is a question we encounter frequently. In cleaning these stains, we became a mixture of bleach ammonia and a  it is effective. It can be used with peace of mind both against stains and to provide hygiene.

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