Garden Marble Slabs

Some colors, just like furniture, continue to maintain their currency without succumbing to the rapid flow of time and open the doors of an elegant style in homes.

Garden marble flooring types for garden decoration vary according to the area you choose in your garden and the colors you want. A lot of natural stone types that are very preferred nowadays; It will create a separate beauty for the walls and garden paths of your gardens.

Garden Marble  Flooring (Pool and Garden): 

Products such as marble, travertine and limestone, which are most compatible with the green area, can be preferred for your garden architectures with peace of mind. Especially for our gardens, which we use a lot in hot seasons, marble flooring for the garden and stone models for the garden wall will visually refresh your interior with many alternatives. Only the most suitable option for these choices, which are useful for summer-winter gardens, terraces and large balconies; your choice will be enough. Marble and travertine, which are considered as outdoor among natural stone types, will be the most appropriate choice with their non-slip properties and soft surfaces.

If you want to make brand new arrangements in the gardens of your houses and cottages in these days when the spring and summer months are over, natural stone types will be the most suitable materials. One of the greatest advantages of natural stone types is that you will be able to choose the color combinations you want very easily. In addition, the surface structures of natural stone species also show diversity. You can choose from our showrooms the garden marble flooring and garden wall flooring types that have the size, matt and surface area you want, and you can apply them in the easiest way.

Marble Flooring, Walking Paths

Garden marble flooring varieties that can be used in outdoor areas such as terraces, camellias, garden paths and garage interiors are for your home in Turkey's richest natural stone beds. These applications, which will complement the missing parts of your gardens while decorating the garden, also provide a simple and elegant appearance at the same time. will provide. For these applications, which are the choice of many exterior architects and landscape architects, you can destroy the ordinariness in your gardens by visiting our nearest showrooms. These types of marble and limestone, which can be easily applied in all seasons, can also take shape for any type of surface. The most beautiful appearance is obtained with the flooring made by expert masters in the field. Another advantage of garden marble floors is the durability and non-contamination of their surfaces. Since they are natural stones, marble flooring in the garden is difficult to get dirty and can be easily cleaned. All kinds of These marble and travertine types, which are suitable for weather conditions, do not wear out for many years.

Garden Marble Flooring, 

Garden Floor Marble Flooring, Walking Paths: Classic Travertine Tumbled Opus set 3 cm thick
Garden marble flooring, garden wall flooring&; and  outdoor flooring stones we serve you with alternatives. By spreading the use of marble, which is very popular today, to every part of your home, it gives a luxurious look. You can naturally integrate it. Garden design, which is one of the most preferred areas, is very important for the exterior appearance of your houses. We bring the world's best quality natural building material, marble, produced in the advanced processing facility in Afyon, to the gardens of your homes. We recommend that you review our website for the most beautiful products, and visit our showrooms for more comprehensive information. You can contact us by phone, mail, contact form or WhatsApp.

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